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TelcoBridges manufactures some of the world’s most reliable media gateways and session border controllers

TelcoBridges designs, develops and tests its carrier-grade telecommunications hardware and software at its headquarters in Boucherville (Montreal), Canada. Founded in 2002, TelcoBridges brands now include Tsbc, Tmedia, Tsig, Ttrans, Tdev, and Tmonitor:

The Tsbc™ family of Session Border Controllers benefits from TelcoBridges' decade long experience with packet network bridging. Our SBC's enable high performance SIP to SIP (B2BUA), transcoding, header manipulation and extensive routing. Robust security is the hallmark of the Tsbc, protecting network infrastructure from DoS and Distributed Denial of Service attacks in addition of features such as blacklisting and call access control.

Tmedia™ family of VoIP media gateways, the industry's most reliable & stable gateways, boasting over five nines (99.999%) availability before adding in high availability scheme such as redundancy. Tmedia is also highly scalable & flexible, whether you are an MVNo, Operator, or Tier 1 Carrier, TelcoBridges has the ideal product for you.

Tsig™ is TelcoBridges Signaling gateway family of products. We have taken our industry leading Tmedia™ gateway design and applied it to a signaling gateway solution, Tsig, the most reliable and stable Signaling/SIGTRAN Gateway in the world.

The Ttrans™ family of Transcoding gateways are scalable, predictable and support a multitude of codecs. By using hardware accelerated transcoding, Ttrans gateways maintain the same level of performance regardless of whether they are operating at low capacity or at full capacity.

The Tdev™ product family of telecom development platforms is designed to meet the needs of solutions developers creating a wide range of value added services such as ringback tones, unified communications, pre-paid/post-paid calling, hosted IP-PBX, conferencing, Fax over IP (T.38), voicemail, and other enhanced services for their service provider clients.

The Tmonitor™ product line offers a high-performance voice and data traffic monitoring solution. It enables service providers to record and analyze messages, as well as optimize network performance and quality of service (QoS), while providing a foundation for new value-added offerings, such as location-based services (LBS).

Additionally, all of TelcoBridges products include the unique TB analytics suite of monitoring and diagnostic tools. This industry exclusive allows you better manage and control your entire network.

With deployments in more than 100 countries worldwide, TelcoBridges strives to continuously provide the highest standards of Stability, Reliability, and Integrity. And to minimise the Total Cost of Ownership [TCO], TelcoBridges gateways and SBC’s offer the world's highest density in the smallest form factor possible, including modern, efficient power modules.

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