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Factor group is a registered trademark of a Group companies acting at the market of consulting services, system integration and complex information solutions implementation. The Group develops and provides on the turn-key basis integrated information processing and communication solutions for Telco operators, Corporate clients and State organizations.

Factor group was incorporated in 1999 by a group of partners with extensive and positive track records in business management, consulting area and telecommunication technologies since 1991. The amalgam of experience, profound education and merits of the leading experts allowed the Group to realize a number of serious projects in different sectors – Telecom, Retail, Financial, etc.

Today Factor group is a part of the Russian holding corporation – Factor TGC (founded in 1986). The Corporation occupies the decent place among the information technologies and communication solutions market leaders. Complex automation solutions for IT-sector and Security solutions for the large enterprises and state organizations are the main direction of corporation activity over the years. Inside a Factor TGC corporation, Factor group mainly focusing on solutions for Telecom sector.

Successful and dynamic development of the Corporation, which unites several independent business units, is based on strategic orientation on the Russian and CIS markets, using the state-of-the-art Hi-tech technologies and solutions in all of its market activities, strong ambitions of the employees, and doing all-the-best to realize the customer’s needs. Factor group values its reputation.

Main activities of the Factor group are:

  1. Consulting
  2. System integration
  3. Distribution

We consider the activity in the areas above to be interrelated and it is the complex approach that enables our clients to obtain solid and all-encompassing solution for their business on the basis of interlocked business processes, information technologies and modern communications solutions.

Factor group approach

Delivering optimal solution set to our client that meets the requirements of the client’s area of business. We aim to deliver the best solution to our client in terms of market-determined balance of cost/quality.

Major spheres of activities:

I. IT-Consulting.

  1. Telecom consulting (business modeling, new services development, marketing researches, etc);
  2. Audit services (IT, Security, Network Infrastructure, etc);
  3. OSS, BSS & CSS;
  4. Creating of automated management systems:
    • Project Management;
    • Client Relation Management;
    • Documentation Flow;
    • WEB-oriented business applications and sites (Content Management System);
    • Service Orchestration;
    • Etc.
  5. Management consulting on the issues of re-structuring business on the basis of auditing the business processes of the entity;
  6. Information systems audit;
  7. Etc.

II. System integration.

Factor group has a many-years of experience and expertize in the following solutions areas:

  • Multi-vendor Telcom and corporate networks (MAN, WAN, etc);
  • Communication networks (phone, data transmission, telematics, etc);
  • Complex telecommunication systems;
  • Digital and IP-telephony systems, Softswitches and IMS;
  • VoIP-solutions of different kinds (Residential, SOHO, Corporate, Telco);
  • Wireless Technologies (WiFi/WiMax/GSM/WCDMA/etc);
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Digital collaboration solutions;
  • Security and Cyber-security, Risk assessment;
  • Call centers;
  • Quality control of the Services (Data/Voice/Video) operation in Telecom Networks ans SLA mesurment/fulfilment solutions;
  • CPE management platforms and ACS-solutions;
  • OSS/BSS;
  • Network Modeling tools;
  • Service Provisioning and Service Orchestration;
  • Modern SDN and NFV;
  • Etc.

III. Distribution.

Factor group pays a great attention to developing over-the-years successful partnership with the leading Vendors, like SOPHOS, Metaswitch, Grandstream, SNOM, RAD, Radware, Packet Design, LastLine, Canonical, Rittal, HP, IBM, DELL, GENIE Networks, NSFocus, FUSION Layer, Creanord, InfoSIM, Robin Telecom, Ascom, PATTON, QIP, ACCEDIAN Networks, VODIA Networks, etc.


Ordering a solution from the Factor group our client shall obtain:

  • Our experience and expertise in making complex projects in telecommunication area;
  • Proven methods of project management;
  • Excellent scientific and technical potential of our experts (who are as well certified in the educational centers of the leading vendors and have world-class diplomas and certificates);
  • Agreeing with the client of possible methods of communication services with soft-ware and hard-ware solutions from different manufacturers as well as preparation of feasibility studies on each of the proposed ways of communication services;
  • Implementation of exclusively proven and having good reputation, in the telecommunication area, solutions from the leading international and local Vendors;
  • Lab and PoC testing and work-efficiency testing of the proposed solutions to our clients (Proof of concept);
  • Preparation of the project documentation;
  • Providing license clearance and homologation of the proposed solutions in terms of certification compliance to the government regulatory in the communication and security solutions area;
  • Education services of the client’s stuff to work with the solutions of any kind;
  • Technical pre-sales and post-sales support for the delivered solutions.

Clients of the Factor group

The partial list of our Clients are:

  • leading telecom operators (TransTelekom, Rostelekom, MTS, MegaFon, BeeLine (Vimpelcom), Kazakhtelecom, Uzbektelecom, Ukrtelecom, UMC, MGTS, Systema Telecom Holding Companies, Golden Telecom (Vimpelcom), Central Telegraph, WebPlus, ZebraTelecom, Prioritel, UniversalTelephoneLine, Zenon NSP, UTK, Oil Communication Special Construction company (NeftSvyazSpetsStroi), Federal Network Company, EuroTel, RAO EES, Lukoil, Gazprom, International Communication Company, LANK Telecom, etc.),
  • leading Russian and International innovation companies and holdings (ABB, AO ”TELEKOM”, Sigenia-Aubi, PM-SOFT, NVision Group, Microtest, Technoserv, STEP Logic, Dialog Networks, Vimcom, Compulink, BCC, AMT-Group, NAUMEN, TELEINKOM, INLINE, etc.),
  • leading Russian and International banking, insurance and financial structures (KB Admiralteyskiy, SAP, ICBC, NP RTS, SK SOGLASIE, etc.),



Corporate trademark at the Russian market is a combination of the time-tested and experienced way of the system integration service providing with a brand-new quality of customer service.


The experience of operation at the Russian market, knowing the features of the customer business, using the advanced technologies, good business relations with our customers, clients and partners, based on the mutual respect and trust, give us the reason to look into the future with confidence.


office_Factor_TGC_2.pngPlease, contact us anytime:

Factor TGC

123182, Russia, Moscow, Schukinskaya street, 2

Tel/Fax: +7(495) 280-33-80

Email: info@fgts.ru 


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