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NoviFlow develops high performance Ethernet switches compliant with the latest OpenFlow protocol and designed to address two key needs of initial SDN deployments: the capacity to handle large numbers of flows and network scalability. NoviFlow recently announced NoviWare 400 which provides the industry’s broadest support of the OpenFlow specification, including all actions, instructions and match fields of OpenFlow 1.3/1.4, as well as key OpenFlow 1.5 features, delivering up to 240 Gbps of throughput, up to 16 million flow entries and up to 40,000 flow-mods/second.

Through its strategic partnerships, NoviFlow offers end-to-end solutions for data center operators and network operators that combine its advanced data plane processing capabilities with partner-provided OpenFlow controllers and applications. These solutions effectively leverage SDN technology to resolve specific network pain points and improve network economies.

NoviFlow’s switching solutions have been implemented using network processors (NPs), which have long been recognized as providing both superior packet processing performance and unparalleled versatility and upgradability through software programming. The use of NPs also allows NoviFlow to develop new capabilities and release new versions of their switches in a matter of two to three months, as opposed to the typical development cycle of up to 2 years for ASIC based switches.

In addition to supporting the latest releases of OpenFlow, NoviFlow switches offer advanced customization capabilities including support for the OpenFlow Experimenter interface to deliver capabilities beyond those listed in the OpenFlow specification including:
- L2-L7 matching, packet processing and flow management
- Hash on OpenFlow fields for header AND content-based load balancing
- Highly anticipated OpenFlow 1.5 Copy-Field action also supported on OpenFlow 1.3 to 1.5 installations
- MPLS payload matching
- L2 GRE/GTP/VxLAN/MPLS tunneling protocol encapsulation/decapsulation
- BFD Link Monitoring

These features allow operators to expand business by optimizing network support of virtualization in the data centre, improving efficiency and Data Center Interconnect by applying intelligent flow management at the network edge, and significantly improving both ease of use and time-to-market for new services.

Used with industry standard OpenFlow Controllers and Applications, NoviFlow OpenFlow switches are the ideal platform for the implementation of SDN and NFV in today’s high volume networks. NoviFlow was established in 2012 and has offices in Sunnyvale, Montreal, and Seattle.

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