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ScaleFlux - высокопроизводительные компоненты, сочетающие в себе функции твердотельного накопителя со встроенными вычислительными механизмами.

Сайт производителя: https://www.scaleflux.com/ 

Канал на YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAIYc-hln53AaxElmPOFo3g/videos 

Дистрибьютор в регионе CIS решений компании ScaleFlux - Фактор груп, ООО. 

Класс решений: Computable Storage Device

E-mail для вопросов: scaleflux@fgts.ru 

What is computational storage?

A new class of storage drive that brings compute right to the data.


State of the Art



The Latest 3D NAND



Customer Proven


Inline compression/decompression, encryption/decryption, filtering, and more   4TB to 16TB Physical Capacity Drives   5x-10x Better value than commodity SSDs




Why Choose ScaleFlux?

Experienced Storage & Data Center Team
We have built a team of industry veterans with extensive knowledge of Flash, Storage, Data Center Applications. We understand the challenges Database Admins, Infrastructure Architects, DevOps & Procurement teams face in meeting the demands of the data-driven enterprise.

Get more done

Using ScaleFlux CSDs results in higher work output per server.


Reduce your Costs of Scaling

ScaleFlux drives provide penalty-free compression, reducing the costs and increasing the capacity of your low-latency tier of Flash storage.


Break the Bottlenecks

ScaleFlux CSDs bring compute to the data to alleviate I/O, Memory, CPU and Network bottlenecks.

Easily Deploy in Standard Servers

ScaleFlux drives are available in standard 2.5” U.2 SSD and Low-profile PCIe Add-in Card form factors.


Optimize Settings for your Use Case

ScaleFlux lets users adjust the drive settings to optimize performance, capacity, application latency, and cost. No more fixed settings from the factory!


Update In Place

The ScaleFlux CSD implementation allows users to deploy new features and new programs via Firmware updates and Software downloads.

Customer Success Stories

ScaleFlux is in production with its 2nd generation of Computational Storage Drives. Our products have passed not only our own, extensive qualification test suite, but also qualification testing at dozens of customers.


Problems we hear from our enterprise customers…

“My data is growing so rapidly, scaling my infrastructure is a challenge”

“I’ve tried using compression to save costs, but I can’t afford the latency penalty”

“I need higher capacity of fast data for my business intelligence and analytics, but SSDs are expensive”



ScaleFlux CSDs with integrated compute functions to help efficiently scale performance and capacity.



Performance Gains

10x better latency

Up to 10x performance density


Over 2x storage capacity per $

Up to 10x better cost/transaction

Infrastructure Simplicity

Up to 4x smaller storage footprint

Up to 2x fewer nodes

Where can Computational Storage help?


ScaleFlux Computational Storage is the ideal foundation for highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency database infrastructure.

With data-path compression and decompression that is simply integrated with Flash storage, ScaleFlux delivers the most consistent transactional performance with the smallest Flash storage capacity footprint.


ScaleFlux Computational Storage supercharges big data analytics infrastructure and is driving a new paradigm in accelerating time-to-insight.

By parallelizing queries across Computational Storage Drives instead of bottlenecking at a central processing host, ScaleFlux is knocking down barriers to consistent query response despite data sets quickly growing into the Exabyte range and beyond.

Machine Learning & AI

ScaleFlux Computational Storage is optimized with inline data pre-processing that is critical to keep throughput starved GPUs fed directly, versus traditional centralized compute architectures that impede the flow of data.

With line-rate data path compression and decompression, and programmable data scanning and filtering algorithms natively on every Computational Storage Drive, ScaleFlux is the foundation for AI infrastructure that enables real-time training and learning models.

IoT Edge

ScaleFlux Computational Storage enables low-latency Flash deployments in 5G/edge environments that demand fast response to a huge influx of IOT data processing versus traversing to compute resources deeper in the cloud.

By transparently minimizing the storage footprint and offering programmable data processing algorithms on each Computational Storage Drive, ScaleFlux is reducing the storage capacity and power footprint for ultra-low latency storage applications as they emerge at the edge.

Content Delivery

ScaleFlux Computational Storage is the ideal foundation for highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency database infrastructure.

With data-path compression and decompression that is simply integrated with Flash storage, ScaleFlux delivers the most consistent transactional performance with the smallest Flash storage capacity footprint.

ScaleFlux Computational Storage Drives (CSD) Overview

ScaleFlux CSDs combine the storage performance and features of PCIe SSDs with integrated compute engines to improve drive and system level performance and costs. The compute engines offload data-intensive tasks that can otherwise bog down the system processor or cause I/O bottlenecks as massive amounts of data are moved from the storage device to local system processors or disaggregated compute nodes.

ScaleFlux CDS

Scalable and Parallel Processing

By adding compute resources to the drives, processing capacity scales with storage capacity and storage throughput. The compute engines in the drives can be right-sized to match the storage throughput, avoiding the bottlenecks that occur with centralized processing of tasks such as compression, encryption and data preparation for analytics.

Easy Deployment

We understand that deploying new technology can be daunting. So, one of our guiding principles is to keep the deployment simple.

  • ScaleFlux provides turnkey CSD solutions – no third-party software or firmware required; no development or programming required from our customers.
  • ScaleFlux drives install into standard industry slots for 2.5” U.2 drives or half-height, half-length PCIe Add-in Cards.
  • ScaleFlux allows users to change certain settings (such as overprovisioning, read priority, and user capacity) to optimize the balance of storage space, performance, latency and endurance for their application. No more having to buy one SKU for your most latency-sensitive application and a different SKU for your most cost-sensitive application.

Update in Place

ScaleFlux drives include programmable resources that allow for in-place updates and future repurposing of those resources to perform new computational tasks.

Worldwide Distributor Availability

ScaleFlux Computational Storage Drives can be conveniently ordered from our Value Added Reseller or Distributor partners and are qualified on an ever-growing list of OEM systems. Contact us for more details.

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